Yet another blog install

Every few years I revisit my otherwise unused VPS, thinking "maybe I should write some stuff in a blog!".

This time it had been five years. Five years of no software updates, security updates, or anything else. It turns out, my last site had been offline for an unknown amount of time. I had a look with the aim of fixing it, but couldn't remember what backwards ideas I must have had when I set that one up. My past inexperienced linux sysadmin self had failed me.

I nuked it from orbit. It was the only way to be sure.

I don't claim to be a good sysadmin even now, but I've had much more experience with Linux since then, so setting up this server was almost comfortable. The result is nice, clean VPS install the more recent Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (up from 10.something!). My intention is to keep it clean and fast. No unnecessary LAMP stack hogging my limited VPS power. This time I'm jumping on the Node.js train with a neat little blogger called Ghost (link in the footer).

Related in origin to Wordpress, it does everything I need it to do and none of the things I don't. Fast and simple, straight to the point, all about content. It's running behind a nippy Nginx proxy, so in the unlikely event I need to squeeze more out of it, I can turn on all the nice caching features that Nginx provides.

Anyway, now I need to think of something to write.

Jamie Femia

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